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Get close to forest. Get lost wandering inside. Become part of it for a moment. Find its beauty, listen its stories, discover its habitants, heal your wounds in it, save it, protect it.

This is a humble window to the magnificence of forests and trees. Feel free to enter, to comment, to share. If you have any experience, please, enrich this place. This is a refuge for nature lovers and supporters. I will be more than happy to meet you, if you are in the forest.



Trying to express my perception of the experience of entering a forest, and taking as inspiration the magnificent work of Salvo Bombara, I began, recently, the realization of these collages.

The idea that I need to materialize is that of immersion when entering the forest, which for me implies a kind of unexpected emotion, spontaneous sublimation of the senses, a kind of pleasure, of psychic and perceptive healing, a process of transformation, of unexpected encounter.

I hope I have been able, with these first collages and with the next ones, to translate and transmit my thoughts in image.

I must warn that the photographs have been collected from the internet, so if someone recognizes or owns their authorship, please do not hesitate to tell me to give the required credit and publicly. Although I doubt very much that these images transcend these pages.

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Text from Sothiaco’s article FOR ME THAT PLACE IS THE FOREST

There is a place where the quietude melts joyfully with us.

Our consciousness expands, our eyes, get flooded by the place, our lungs, are dissolved, and oxygen enters for every centimeter of our skin.

The mind becomes immense. The concept of time disappears absolutely. The sun, light, color, brightness, are expressions of living cycles who have left the temporality … occur like the flight of a bee before our eyes. The life cycle takes place in a static, perennial, eternal moment, endless, against our expanded consciousness, sensitive, alive.

That place is in our mind when submerged and allowed to flood through the ether, inseminator and pregnante of the nature.

There, you unify your rational mind and its systems, with your feelings more intuitive, more sensory, as illogical and unnecessary that appear to you, and you get a timeless moment, a moment that seems to keep you in eternity without effort and with a strange great joy.

Hopefully, when that time comes, liaison with the Eternal, you may feel it, and when you come over by that place, where it is possible, you may be able to distinguish it, and your consciousness is alert and you may become sensitive to revisit.



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