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The most likely explanation today is that the brain continues to have an area dedicated to the lost forest, so the person is feeling it: in the absence of input stimuli to correct the state in the forest, the area generates on its own sensations which considers consistent.

Today, when I came home, in my usual way, through the pine desecrated by road and my car, enjoying as usual every tree, every cup, every trunk, felt spontaneously, very clearly, that I was among them, and that, urbanized areas, actually meant his absence, not my home.

At the precise moment when the human things replace the forest, I perceived the last trees left behind as if torn from me, and I was first aware that suffer from lost forest syndrome.

Between 50 and 80% of those without forest, they experience these phantom sensations where trees are missing, and most of these people said that feelings are painful.

I am convinced that this condition is reversible. Our brain reserves that area so that at any time to fit it perfectly with the forest found. I feel it is a completely regenerable area, and it feeds on experiences near vegetation, animals, either real or purely mental.

Another day, on the same road, trying to mitigate noise pollution from my engine with the air coming legitimately pounding through the open windows, I saw another vehicle stopped on a forest road, parallel to the road and, a few steps later, a young man walked by it. I wanted to be the one walking in his place. At that moment the boy turned his head as if he had heard my wish, he looked at me quiet, and just then I could smell the pine trees and grass as if I were walking on the road where he did.

The forest wanted to connect with itself using another member of my species. And I swear I could smell the pines, as it had not done seconds before.

I also believe that forests also remain areas where we are missed as inhabitants. They await us. They are patient, such as parents with their children, even though we never return, their love is so great that they can wait eternities without flinching for a second.

I feel hopeful. I just hope my message reaches everyone and that they can detect this syndrome, to maintain their lost forests, a little more present.

Symptoms occur in people who have not returned to the forest, and those who, from birth, never went. The symptoms are perceived which are cherished trees, which do not exist, and include:

Feeling that the trees are behind oneself.
Extreme sadness to logging or fire.
Longing for animals.
Feeling that something is wrong.
Feeling of coldness.

If you can recognize the symptoms, and you think you suffer this syndrome, please do not hesitate to come to the nearest trees, whether urban parks and gardens. All contact is valuable.

I just wonder … how forests feel our absence?



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