“The Forest” by Chiara Bautista, according to Simon-Paul Curwood.

To introduce “the Forest” as concept in the imaginary of Chiara Bautista, we must first introduce the artist and her unique universe.

We will better use another article where also the artist gives some clues about her art.

From Beautiful Bizarre:

For years, details on artist Chiara Bautista, a.k.a Milk have been leaked in dribs and drabs and her interviews are not legion. But she exceptionally accepted to answer some questions for beautiful.bizarre…

But first, let’s introduce her and her amazing art.

At 38 years old, Chiara Bautista is one of the most fascinating artist that has ever been revealed by the Internet. What fascinates is of course her work first, from sketches to digital art and painting, with recognizable gracious lines and elements that connect her to pop surrealism and graphic novels. Indeed every piece of Chiara’s work is inhabited by mysterious and poetic creatures borrowed from fairy tales and released into the modern world. But it’s her story that makes Chiara’s work unique and spellbinding. Not especially her life’s bio, a bachelor’s degree in Graphic design and a long career as an illustrator for the Arizona Daily Star, in her home of Tucson, USA. No, it’s her out-of-this-world, romantic relationship with her muse, nicknamed Ilka, met online and never in real life (as far as we know). The art of Chiara is a real conversation with her muse that we are able to witness, without having the keys of understanding, we are still caught up in all its magic and romance. No need to add more.

The artwork and  Chiara’s answers will give you a special insight into this enigmatic and fascinating artist.

There are not many articles with good or accurate information about Chiara since she is not at all interested in fame but in keeping her emotional artistic expressions safe in its cryptic language.

People who love her art try desperately to decipher messages and metaphors, since you can easily find your own emotions reflected in her magic narrative.

Like this French article trying to unravel two of her characters, Rabbit Girl and Star Wolf…

Chira Bautista – Dessinatrice Mexicaine

We have find out that we are legion, but we are all aware that all are only personal interpretations. But they are all attempts to approach this intimate world that seems to be part of ourselves.

Ourselves we created a small group where talk and to exchange impressions among a bunch of friends, and it ended to welcome more than 7000 people with the same needs of understanding.

And there I find we found solace. But far of tearing down the walls of this beauteous laberinth, as we enter the rabbit hole we feel how deeper and more intrincated all this is, and rather than “finishing” their deepness we encounter and embrace their vastness as that is part of us, or even better, our intimate beings are part of it.

In this travel we found something that was right in front of our eyes… “The Forest”, the place where quietly everything happens, the best and the worst, the light and the shadows, the joy and the deepest sadness. But always a peaceful beauty.

The Forest by Chiara Bautista
The Forest by Chiara Bautista

So we ask one of the most active members of the group, Simon-Paul Curwood, to help us better understand what could be the reason of Chiara for using this scenario for their emotional expressions, and this was his answer:

Forests are mysterious feature prominently in Chiara’s work, but what can it mean, lets take a quick look at some ideas.. The brain and the way the brain works when the neurons of thought are firing look like trees and a forest, you can get lost in thought and your thoughts can be both peaceful and scary .. the story of the moon and the night sky is in her thoughts, in her mind and you will see that she is in the picture deep in thought, they live in her mind, they live in a forest of her mind and thoughts. represented growing out and around of her.

The same can be said about the chest and heart areas also looking like trees too and again they, her characters live in her heart and chest so forests are integral to her, they’re part of her, they are her happy and sad place where love exists.

There is also the benefits of mental health and wellbeing associated to forests. Spending time in forests, the experts say, just two or three short visits a week can dramatically improve mental health. There is strong scientific evidence that visiting a forest can improve your mood, your attention span, and even enhance psychological stress recovery. hugging a tree is meant to be grounding and helps us feel love and peace, something I’m sure Chiara and James and rabbit girl and Starwolf all would appreciate.. so you will see that forests are actually really important thing

Walking among trees can reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, while improving mood and lowering anxiety. It also boosts the immune system from breathing in phytoncides, which trees emit to protect themselves from germs and insects. Forests are places where you can play, seek adventure or find escape to take care of yourself. adventure and escape where have we seen that before?

Lastly the forest and woods have played a large part of childhood fairy tales for centuries such as the witch’s cottage deep in the dark woods or little red riding hood and the big bad wolf lost in the forest. Haunted or enchanted forests in many a fantasy tale all play their part in setting the journey of the hero or lead figures to go on a journey an adventure entering naïvely and not worldly leavening the other end changed and more aware of their own abilities and power after facing challenges.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung and other Psychologists have interpreted such symbols “as an expression of unconscious processes in the mind” (Luthi 83), deconstructing a journey into the woods to be more than just a literal journey through the forest; it is a metaphorical journey into the mind. So there positive thoughts become peaceful forest imagery whilst negative or troubled thoughts become negative manifestations of haunted or troubled woods.

THE FOREST by Simon-Paul Curwood himself:

Black and white photos courtesy of Simon-Paul Curwood.

We know everything of Chiara’s art is absolutely subjective, so only you can have the answer to your questions to her messages. Even though we hope having bring some little light over it.


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