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Water. When forest fires devour hectares of life.

Fires of political negligence, which carbonize the mind, ignite anger and rage, and reduce to ashes the confidence of the people with respect to those who should watch over the general good.

Among others, there are two positions to adopt in the face of these events.

One, direct, instantaneous: choose to invoke the demons of hate and violence in the expression. This is useful only when it is possible to revert such energies to the crisis and the demand for the right, which is often complicated and not concrete, so that everything remains in complaints, laments and a faint hope that “next summer do not be so terrible.”

The other one is complex. The solution offered is not immediate, it can not be proven. It even seems subjective, subject to belief. But it is choosing what heals rather than what punishes. In my case the first option has blocked me for several days, and the second one has arrived to alleviate the burning. And it is, simply, water.

water agua

We have been educated in the economy of the sun, the blue sky that brings tourists to our lands, and the constant desire for the absolute absence of clouds. Such a population is not sufficiently sensitized to demand action against fires. What we learned in elementary school about those forests that attracted the rain and retained their water avoiding desertification has been forgotten, and the correlation between some things and the others is no longer understood.

evaporacion bosque

And so, the fires are not properly confronted from the corresponding offices, because the voters only express their anger and indignation on a seasonal basis, and for the elections everything is forgotten.

However, before all this impotence, only the beauty of water comforts my tired mind.

cascada agua bosque

We have forgotten about it as we forget the oxygen we breathe every second. Both, we take them for granted. We assume categorically to have unlimited access to them. It’s a way to avoid panic, I suppose. You can live a whole life without the sunlight but only three days without water. And I do not think it’s necessary to talk about oxygen.

agua musgo bosque

Here, where we suffer fires, provoked or not, we must recover the love for water in all its forms, educate ourselves in cycles and seasons, and demand rivers, streams, rains and forests.

bosque lluvia

This article is directed and dedicated to the hundreds of people who now have their hands and hearts smudged by the works of extinction and recovery of the burned territories, their eyes in embers after what they have had to witness, and their minds devastated by the scorching winds of impotence, resignation and pain.

agua hoja bosque

I would heartily wish that some of these waters were somehow relieved in the landscapes of desolation that will never leave their memories.

deer crossing swamp water forest

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