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Wildlife and Words by Elliot.


Jaume Plensa Dream in St Helens Forest Park.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7UwdTaBPPA   Objectives This extraordinary Jaume Plensa master piece is erected to honour the human heritage of the Sutton Manor Colliery site and pay a lasting tribute to the history of coal-mining in St.Helens, to symbolise the area's post-industrial transformation, to put St.Helens "on the map" - raising its profile and enhancing its image, to …

Who’s Who

(Find the original article in Audubon, together with the birds songs and calls) These owls may wear the same game face, but when it comes to personality, they’re as different as day and night. It’s not easy to get owls to mug for the camera. Even in captivity the birds remain aloof, unruffled by the …