Goodwill Tree Planting Workcamp 2017

(Español aquí)

A tree planting is being organized in Uganda, in the Goodwill field, by the UYSTO, Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization.

It is a project that seeks not only to reforest, but also to raise the quality of community management, to mobilize and sensitize them through the ecology via their young people, to train the participants, to create groups of self-management and resolution of future problems, in short, to sow future.

The organization is looking for external volunteers who also contribute financially to the project. And the cost of the experience is simply very low: GBP 422 from 10 to 15 December, which would include:

  • Accommodation, to choose between hotels and host families.
  • Food
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfer to the project, long travel over 300 kilometers from Kampala.
  • Visit the national park “Elizabeth National Park” to see hippos, elephants and some other animal.

I got the information from my new contact Maahe Bob, manager of the UYSTO, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Even if you are not personally interested, if you know someone or an institution that could be interested, please spread this information.

Please find all the information in the link below from the webpage World Wide Helpers, where the project is published and you can apply for it:

Goodwill Tree Planting Workcamp 2017


UYSTO references:


2 Replies to “Goodwill Tree Planting Workcamp 2017”

  1. Susana this is fantastic.l have really loved the way you have packaged it. Dancing ,thanks Susana,I wanted to attach Google map but the site where I posted this looks complicated and it was loading , but the position is kiruhura district Uganda ,Kanoni,kazo kitingole one. Bob

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