Mundo Calato is the first Aero-Visual project of this series of films that aims to make the World known and with it its value, its beauty, its energy, its strength, the importance of the pachamama so that it can be and be respected with Wisdom and Conscience.

Places such as mangroves, coral reef, primary forests, rainforests, the highest snow-capped mountains that feed our rivers with the water we will drink tomorrow are some examples of why we should see and know that the earth is a living being In which we inhabit and are damaging.

The goal is to raise awareness of people through aerial images after a hard work expedition through the most beautiful and wild places in the world hopefully give result.

Calato means in “naked” Quechua language and I intend to give you this world, as it is, just how we come into the world.

Mundocalato is an Aerovisual project self-financed and made with all the love of the world towards Mamapacha.

The first stage project is part of Latin America starting in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Enjoy MundoCalato… Enjoy the world we live in.

(English subtitles are available)

Mundo Calato in Facebook:
With great happiness I present this small documentary. The other day we had a good time seeing it among family and friends in Tulum I hope you enjoy it too.
Thanks to Fili Balam, Hora Del Mayab, Miguel Ángel García Vicente, Jeshe Delgado, Grupo Mezme, Lupi Canul, and many other friends, guides, explorers, travelers, (I think Jovino Vargas walks around here too) for making me dream, and have participated in this dream.


  1. Glorious, stunning and powerful! Thank you so much for this message and reminder of the beauty of this world and how we can save Pachamama and ourselves through our love for her. Love the music and narration, and of course the visuals… Wow!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciated comment. I really like that you enjoyed the documentary. Its message is really important and must be shared and spread. Please follow Mundo Calato channel in Youtube so they can grow and keep on producing this self-financed documentaries. Thank you I repeat.


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