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Forests need true inhabitants. Everyone can walk among the trees in a forest, but not everyone is able to actually enter the forest. This does not mean that there are those who do not deserve it. It only means that to return to a state where, for example, we appreciate oxygen as the breath of green leaves, it is neither an easy road nor presented to the naked eye. Only the real forest inhabitants can lead you to that state. This is a very good start: realize how important it is to find a true inhabitant of the woods who is around you. The second step is to identify them. Maybe you are one of them, but you do not know yet …

So, now let’s understand why this is so important … This is so important because, thanks to them, you can go back to the forest. But perhaps, at this point, you have to stop and allow yourself to find out, on your own, and even if this is the right time, the reason why it is so important for you to come back into the woods again. Try to find out.

Meanwhile, I present you with a lot of them, true forest inhabitants, because that’s the best way I can to help you understand how they are and how you can identify one…


With Moria a magic circle is completed in our forest. A circle of discoveries, music, dance, culture, sensations and sensibilities.

An image of her started it all. An archetypal image, with a strong visual impact, with reminiscences of ancestral cultures, crossing the language, the symbolism, the time and the space… An image that was impossible to leave me indifferent. Impossible.


Too many things converged on this image so as not to push me to fall into another of my precious “rabbit holes”. I discovered her, her dance, others like her, other musics, musics that took me to other cultures, other thoughts, other places, other memories, memories of others that turned out to be mine too. I rediscovered them, revived them, and understood my presence in them. I restored links, restored connections, my feet got naked to stand firm in my essence, in my being and in its place. And that place was the forest.

What else can I add to express how grateful I am?

And now, after years of this image, another image comes to me, without looking for it, an image with the story of Moria, again an image and a story that do not leave me at all indifferent, because they speak to our forest, and they show us that they were already part of him.


“My parents built and raised me in this castle in the forest, my friends were the trees and the mushrooms… I learned to dance around a fire in the backyard…feet in the mud, moon over head, tree frogs singing to the drum rhythms 💫 Red door guides you home…


“My childhood is very unique. I grew up in a very bohemian, artistic life style, and my parenst were counter-cultural in the sense that they didn´t want to necessarily go for having a car, having a house, having a job, that they wanted to experience nature, and the truth and beauty  within that.

And so… we moved to the forest! And we all lived in a tent. My father built a room and we all moved into it, and added another room, and another room, and he built the house in the shape of a castle. And we would have music, and dance outside at night and the stars around… and the moon is out, and then we have a fire, and so my early dancing experience really was never for an audience per se, it was a dancing for the stars, and the frogs, and the crickets, and we were dancing together.

And there was the feeling of being out, with the breeze on your skin, with the drums going without the worrying of noise, or cities, or anything like this, that it was just you, in the forest, with your family… It´s something that I wished was more common and I didn´t know wasn´t common until I left that.”

I do not think that Moria has ever left the forest, nor has the forest abandoned her. I do not think that link will ever disappear.




You can also find Moria here:



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